Showcase as the main shopping symbol

Brain Tank Agency developed and implemented the concept of a cross-channel advertising campaign for the Ocean Plaza mall, which was focused on the showcase as the main symbol of shopping. Throughout 2020, a decorated showcase was used for each communication theme and told different stories with the help of a series of outdoor advertisements and videos. This made it possible to tell sequentially 10 beautiful stories connected by a single concept of the mall.

Campaign features

The complexity of communication for the mall is that the mall does not sell goods, it is just a platform for goods sale. Accordingly, during the year it is necessary to promote completely different groups of goods and services through advertising of new collections, promotions, sales seasons, or marketing events. It is quite difficult to combine it into one communication concept.

“An important component in the Ocean Plaza mall promotion strategy is a high-quality visual content throughout all communication channels. We use different formats in the advertising campaigns of the mall, so the creative agency faced the task to provide high-quality advertising materials for each individual channel: whether a city light, an animated banner or a video. The key to a really cool campaign was vivid videos, memorable outdoor advertising, and a quality concept. This allowed us to tell a holistic cross-channel story, ” tells Irina Trukhanova, Head of the Marketing Department of the Management Company Ocean Plaza, Kyiv Mall Management.


“Before implementing this campaign, we studied thousands of window dressing examples of European and US brands,” says Eugenii Mironyuk, Managing Partner for Strategy at Brain Tank Group.

“In the world, the showcase is often a key communication method for fashion brands, which allows them to“ pull ”customers off the street. Because there is no outdoor advertising, the signs are unified, and with the help of the showcase you can really stand out. If the exposition is successful, the brand will be noticed, therefore they place a special emphasis on showcase.

We used this idea for the Ocean Plaza ad campaign concept. Since outdoor advertising is very common in Ukraine, we suggested using the showcase as a symbol of the Ocean Plaza boutique to convey every message of this communication”.

Ocean Plaza positions itself as a fashion mall, so the principle of fashion was taken as the main motive for window dressing, where the images of models and many visual metaphorical objects were presented. Visual Merchandising Art — the principle of window dressing — was used as the basis for the concept of this advertising campaign.

It was a rather difficult year for the entire industry, especially for the malls, but the Brain Tank agency managed to implement this successful advertising communication. The non-standard cross-channel concept of promotion, illustrating a holistic story, told with the help of videos and outdoor advertising, successfully distinguished the Ocean Plaza mall. Cooperation between the Brain Tank agency and the Ocean Plaza shopping center will continue this year with the further development of the showcase concept.

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