Investments that don`t scare people

Or how Brain Tank searched for a visual style for INVESTMAN UKRAINE, bypassing the stereotypes of society related to investments.

INVESTMAN UKRAINE organized an investment forum for which they invited Brain Tank as a creative partner to create a new visual style. The client wanted to come up with something original in the investment theme, which is why he turned to us as generators of original creativity. 

As our guru Dobrentiy Spelimovich says: "An interesting request requires an interesting solution!" We, as his faithful followers, fully agree with this. So we started actively looking for a visual image, repeating only one phrase to ourselves: "no clichés".

By the way, this is our advertisement for the event, and we paid attention to Dobrentiy Spelimovych, who was sent to the investment forum: 

To begin with, we focused our attention on the logo, which we wanted to add modernity to.

Our logo looks like "IM INVESTMAN" and has two meanings. First, "IM" stands for the English word "I'm", which translates to "I am". Secondly, it stands for the first letters of the words "INVEST" and "MAN", which together make up our name. The updated logo conveys the idea that everyone who sees it is part of INVESTMAN.

Our next step was to develop a key visual. To do this, we decided to analyze what pros and cons of investments could attract or repel future investors. Thinking about the pros of investing, we unexpectedly created our visual image in the form of a plus sign and the slogan "Investing - and you're in the black."

This is how our reflections led us to a clear image that can be easily read by anyone, even those far from the investment industry.

To further use our visual image in targeted advertising, we added specially designed images of beasts in business suits to KV.

This case is an example of how stereotypes can not only influence public opinion but also try to impose their own templates on advertising. It's always important to be open to new things and independently study issues that have become moldy with "commonality" in society. So we wish you not to be stereotypical and form your opinion only from your own experience, not being afraid to learn something that seems incomprehensible at first glance.

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