Light minimalism — the middle name of early spring

What is it, the image of early spring? It comes with airy ease combined with the first warm breeze, giving such a long-awaited awakening to all living things after a long winter. This time, creating a spring advertising campaign for the Ocean Plaza shopping center, we decided to assimilate with nature in order to visually convey and emphasize the peculiarity of spring minimalism.

Early spring, in our minds, is a metaphorical image of the collective concepts of lightness, romance, first blooms and heady floral scents.

In order to convey these subtle notes that create a feeling of "light" spring minimalism, we created an allegorical image of her still cool breath, gentle bloom, and at the same time - fragile flower petals personified by a girl, not only in the creative key image, but also in the video:

By the way, the artistic idea of changing the poles of the reflection of the sky in the water symbolizes the change of the seasons, which you do not immediately notice, but when you notice, you always see.

Team members

  • Anatolii RizonAccount Manager Brain Tank
  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank

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