Details and senses in a Christmas ad campaign

Our agency presented a Christmas advertising campaign for the Kyiv Ocean Plaza shopping mall in the style of a letterboard. What's the idea?

"Do you think the legendary actor from the famous Christmas comedy, Macaulay Culkin, accidentally received a star on the Walk of Fame on the eve of Christmas? Even if it's just a coincidence, it`s truly happy and, to some extent, even magical because it anticipates the festive atmosphere of the upcoming holidays.

However, there are guaranteed people who have already started creating a festive mood by watching famous movies that fill us with inner warmth during these cold days.

But remember how it used to be... How happily, with red cheeks from the frost, we rushed home on sleds, where the aroma of tangerines filled the entire house, and a brightly shining Christmas tree awaited us. We could lie down under it to get a closer look at its shiny lights from the garland...

Everything has changed and now we create our own New Year's mood, decorating our homes or workspaces with thematic decor almost from November: candlesticks emerge from boxes, holiday figurines are visible on tables and shelves, gnomes stretch out their legs, and the main question becomes when to set up the Christmas tree, so it's not too early." — Inna Grinchuk.

The main goal in creating an advertising layout dedicated to Christmas shopping for the Ocean Plaza shopping mall, as defined by Brain Tank, is the desire to become a puzzle piece of the city's festive atmosphere, embodying the New Year's decor of the capital in the form of a familiar letterboard with figures and a slogan around Christmas details.

Just as a digital creative was formed from a big idea and dozens of details, the residents themselves create a unique mood from a big shopping spree in the shopping mall and dozens of new decorations purchased at the corresponding decor fair.

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