TV vs. TikTok: What can traditional and innovative media learn from each other?

If the modern battle between traditional media and new technologies could be translated into the world of Marvel heroes, then television would be the old and wise Iron Man, who knows all the secrets of his world, while TikTok would be the young and fast Silver Surfer, always ready for a challenge.

So, if we look at this battle from a marketer's perspective, we will see that each hero actually has their own strengths and weaknesses, and each format has something to learn from one another. In a world where the media landscape is constantly changing, and the battle for your attention becomes increasingly fierce, it is important to examine this dynamic more closely. Traditional media giants, such as television, radio, and newspapers, on one side, and new media platforms, such as streaming services, social networks, and TikTok, on the other, are competing for your attention and time. And the winner of this battle will be the one who finds the balance between the new and the old, between innovation and tradition.

Our managing partner for strategy, Eugene Myroniuk, has laid it all out in an exclusive authorial material for The Page.