Brain Tank Entered the TOP-10 Creative Agencies of Ukraine!

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Our thoroughbred and creatively recognized scoundrel has won a huge number of medals and awards of various formats and colors.

Today, our strong necks are preparing to wear all these medals and are actively training to bear the weight of bronze, silver, and even two golds. How to manage and withstand all this weight of awards — we do not know for sure yet, but we are confident that we should not stop but continue to create more projects that will melt the hearts of the jury and be awarded at festivals.

In addition, it is worth noting that all our projects awarded at the festival are absolutely real, so, our dear Friend and Client, you should know that in every future project we will infuse the inspiration of victory.

So, our Thoroughbred Scoundrel, awarded and ready for further award-hunting with the desire to exchange Bronze for Silver and Silver for Gold. Today in our arsenal:

KIAF = 7 Shortlist, Bronze, and Silver.

ADC*UA Awards = 5 Shortlist, Silver, and GOLD. 

Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of = 4 Shortlist, 3 Silver, and GOLD.

So, if you want to exchange Bronze for Gold in the coming year, welcome on board, our creative scoundrel still has a lot of energy left.

👉🏻 Full National Rating of Сreativity & Craft on the VRK Website.