Don’t play at love, make first step

The idea that love requires initiative led us to an unconventional implementation of an advertising campaign for Valentine's Day at the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. Departing from the stereotypical view of this holiday's key attributes, we introduced a new metaphorical concept that anyone could relate to. By the way, this concept was inspired by and ideologically supported by our client. So, let's delve into the details.

How many "hearts" do you see on the eve of Valentine's Day? Countless, this question does not require a thoughtful answer, it's obvious. So, to break this stereotype of "sappiness," we proposed visualizing a chess game on the advertising layout, where Valentine's Day is a great reason for both men and women to take the first step towards their love. Quite romantic and with subtext — don't play at love, show determination, because on the horizon there may always be that "grandmaster" who is capable of changing the course of the game, "winning the victory."

As a result, using the hyper-contrast of the chessboard — white and black, we stepped out of the noise of "hearts," announcing ourselves brightly and directly to the consumer.

Overall, we always aim to go beyond the ordinary perception of reality with one main goal — to offer the world a new format for demonstrating emotions not only in creative key images but also in video.

And it seems we're pretty good at finding new alternative viewpoints. Checkmate is FORBIDDEN.

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