Not life, but a picture: a campaign for blago developer

Imagine: you became a happy owner of a new apartment in one of the most comfortable cities in Ukraine. Will your perception of leisure change? Walking on the streets, meeting friends, playing sports, traveling? It seems that real estate ownership is not related to such commonplace things. However, we are convinced of the opposite, and from this belief, a campaign for blago developer — Ivano-Frankivsk investment and development company — was born.

When you come to your own apartment, the whole world seems to shine with new colors, much brighter than ever before. Our artist conveyed this feeling in a series of paintings that tell about a life in which there are no more worries about housing. Instead of worrying about the lack of your apartment, the joy of your favorite activities, and spending time with your beloved. Everything that makes a person truly happy is amplified. Although blago developer does not know where you fall in love, where you like to go, and what inspires you the most, there is no doubt: you live in an apartment that is a solid foundation for a bright and comfortable life.

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