#insight-challenge: how much insights will bUd Development gain?

Serial capital developer bUd Development launched the autumn "chapter" of multi-series communication tactics, combining eight major residential quarters of its portfolio.

The essence of the “serial” brand tactics, created and implemented by the marketing communications agency Brain Tank for all these years, is that consumer insight is selected for one campaign, and it is conveyed through all the quarters on sale images.

The actual autumn campaign insight is that often the market offers the buyer an advertising 3D visualization, which embellishes the living object. bUd Development decided to fix the client on the fact that their quarters in life do not differ from the declared renderings.

In this campaign, the specialized development community even started #insight-challenge on the topic: how much brand insights there would be until it turned to the market “standard” for discounts and parking slot as a gift.

But for now, bUd Development is not going to give up. Be like bUd: search for insights!

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