How to help a teenager to smile and a Client sell successfully

Accurately targeting the consumer is not a dream for a brand, but a path. And when a consumer sees an advertising campaign on billboards throughout the city, they often don't understand the long journey the brand went through to get there.

We created a creative advertising campaign for the brand Cheers in Uzbekistan and showed, by example, what lies behind its development. Let's hear from the team.

The main task that the client came to solve was to develop a creative campaign to increase the consumption of Cheers chips in Uzbekistan. The marketing task was to switch consumers within the entire macro-snacks category (bars, nuts, popcorn, etc.) to Cheers chips.

Before starting on the creative work, based on the research provided by the brand team, we developed a model for the success of the Cheers brand. Thanks to a thorough BHT (brand health tracker), we were able to carefully analyze and put back together the role of the brand, its goals, mission, and feel its character and the emotion it conveys. As a result, we identified the practical benefits that Cheers can provide to the audience, in addition to its superior taste.

Thanks to the effective "deep dives" and their "weighing" with numerous quantitative metrics, the core target audience of the brand crystallized into teenagers aged 14-18. An interesting local feature of the target audience was the desire for achievement. Uzbek teenagers think objectively and are very specific in their desires to achieve something: they want to become a flight attendant, pursue a career in the oil and gas industry, become a prominent figure in government work, and so on.

However, teenagers are just teenagers. In educational psychology, there is a concept called adolescence, which is made up of many states that a developing individual experiences. These can be natural experiences, such as darkness and fear of illness, as well as social fears, such as fear of social interaction, fear of rejection, and fear of not fitting in.

The big picture is that the brand's target audience is achievers. However, they are constrained by adolescent inhibitions and fear of taking the first step toward their achievements.

The task was to find a tool that would help a teenager take that first step. This is where a scientific and creative approach comes in.

Let's remember mimicry, the story of how one person can copy the appearance or behavior of another. For example, if you see someone yawning, you usually want to yawn yourself and often do. This is because your brain "reads" the signals of mimicry on the other person's face and imitates them.

The same goes for smiling. By smiling yourself, you can make another person smile, and this happens on an instinctive level.

We took this mechanism and included it in the formula that we proposed to the brand as a working one: to help a teenager overcome their inner fears and take the first step towards making a connection, they can offer their opponent Cheers chips, smile to them, and their opponent will definitely smile back because that's how it works. And this is already the first step towards making a connection and achieving future success.

The campaign message "Cheerzani — and everything will work out!" is based on the principle of a colloquial approving call to action, where "Cheerzani" is a neologism created from the brand name and a verb that encourages action. Cheerzani! means try, act, achieve your goal. In Uzbek, the slogan sounds like "Cheersillat va hammasini eplaysan!"

One manifestation of the equitable Cheers campaign was a video, for which Brain Tank created a meta-narrative that mixes live teenagers and an ideal world demonstrating the power of the brand's message. We created three plot lines, each of which tells how the brand helps the heroes achieve success in different areas with the help of chips.

Here's what one of the plot lines for the upcoming video looked like in our office:

And here you can see the resulting video, created by the efforts of the video production company Hendrix Films.

So, what tasks does the brand solve with such a creative advertising campaign?

1.It helps teenagers communicate, as we remember that their main pain point is the fear of meeting new people and taking the first step.

2.At the same time, the brand becomes synonymous with the beginning of communication. "Chirzani" means try, act, communicate, join the company, achieve your goal.

3.The brand motivates teenagers as "Cheersillat va hammasini eplaysan!"

What's the result?

The client's task is solved: teenagers feel the brand's attention to them, as it saw and felt their pain, touched their feelings, and understood them.

Trust in the brand is growing.

Cheers confidently grows its audience.

It turns out that everyone is happy.

Teenagers smile, offering each other chips, because the brand showed them how to overcome the barrier in communication. The client is smiling because their target audience is satisfied and buying.

And Brain Tank is also smiling because the task is solved and the creative campaign is launched. What else is needed for happiness?

Overall, we have laid out for you "on the shelves" the preparation and shown the scope behind effective advertising that brings success to the brand.

Yevhenii Myroniuk, Managing Partner and Strategy Director at Brain Tank says:

"What is advertising? Advertising is the transmission of a brand's codes to its audience. If you want your advertising to work, you must look at the brand's codes.

This is the first thing we do when starting work on an advertising campaign: we create a picture of what the brand is, and only then creative transmits it through audio-visual images.

Inventing codes is not an option, it doesn't work that way. They can only be found... in the brand itself. It's like a doctor. He sends you for tests to find out what's inside. And we, as an advertising agency, do several "tests" (the most influential of which is BHT) to see the brand through the consumer's thoughts and structure the main thing, that we call brand codes. And then, just as a doctor draws conclusions from tests and gives recommendations, we also give the brand recommendations and prescribe treatment."

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