Chip packaging design as a result of creative love fantasy

Approaching a case study about packaging design can be done in various ways. We offer looking at the process of such development through a love story that culminated in the creation of packaging design for the Cheers brand from Uzbekistan.

What is love? Well, remember. It's that "you look at him/her, your heart skips a beat, then races with tremendous force" feeling, where you want to be with someone and give them the whole world. Right?

When the brand team of the Uzbekistan chip brand Cheers contacted us for the development of creative packaging design for their new product Nachos, we thought that "falling in love" could happen... with snacks. For example, Cheers from Uzbekistan and Nachos from Mexico.

So how can two brands, absolutely different historically, territorially, and emotionally, be combined on one package? We tried to fantasize about it. Well, cue up the warm Mexican music, and let's go:

"Living in Uzbekistan is Cheers. It's the hexagonal Buked chip. It's a brand, original and trendy, adored by the local population for its variety of flavors, original shape, and for sometimes making a stir by holding events for its fans across the country."

Cheers chips are a popular local product of original hexagonal shape, offered in various flavors across the country.

"One day, Cheers met the triangular girl Nachos, who came from Mexico to visit her friend. He was immediately captivated by her style and confidence. A glance was enough to understand that they were meant to be together. Cheers offered her a corn cob, and she responded with a smile: "I love corn!".

Nachos are Mexican snacks made from thinly sliced and fried corn tortillas, cut into triangles and fried to a crispy state.

"They walked around the city and talked. She told him about her country, traditions; confessed that she was very popular in Mexico and around the world; showed photos in various outfits. He told her about Uzbekistan, about his work and competitors, showed her his logos, fonts, patterns, stamps, and food zones on packaging, and even boasted a bit about sales figures."

In the process of preparation, the creative team delved into the history and cuisine of both countries, conducted research on the snack markets of Uzbekistan and Mexico, studied competitors, and reviewed hundreds of packaging variations for snack products worldwide.

"Stay, Nachos! Can you imagine what it will be like if we unite? With your permission, I'll take on your shape and a few of your ingredients, we'll dress it all up nicely and live together in a new product... on Uzbekistan's shelves!

"You know, I fell in love with Uzbekistan, and with you. I agree. But there are a few nuances... I want a new dress, new packaging! And on it – my name!"

Cheers Nachos are corn chips, which include the healthy ingredient fiber.

As a result of creative work, the client saw a large number of design concepts for the packaging of the new product, both with natural food zones and in various color palettes. After conducting tests, the design concept won:

Of course, behind the scenes of this romantic story lies a complex work process. It begins with research and analysis and ends with a ready-made design concept. Logos, fonts, stamps, food zones, color palettes tailored most often to specific food zones, the placement of individual elements – these are the necessary components of building the architecture of design for any packaging. And all of this, of course, is taken into account.

We just decided to tell about the case, adding a little love.

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