Why can and should business be viewed as an erotic fantasy?

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If the title seems rather indecent to you, then it does (not). Today we will talk about looking at business through the prism of erotic fantasy.

Agreed, this is not a very common or convenient perspective that everyone is used to.

But come on, we live in a modern world where we can talk about sex openly. Moreover, isn't it our emotional engagement with business that makes it lively and exciting? That`s it. And haven't we ever been curious about being comfortable for everyone at least once? I seriously doubt it.


I am absolutely convinced that every business, just like every individual project, collaboration, or even client meeting, should be viewed not only as numbers and contracts but also as a sensual dance around the consumer's pocket, which competitors occasionally try to disrupt.

By considering business through the paradigm of eros, one can discover aspects that may have gone unnoticed before. And this can inspire businesses with new ideas, promote the development of creative thinking within the team, and help break free from conventional solutions.

So dim the lights, turn on your imagination, and try to look at your business from a slightly indecent angle. Exclusively shared for Mind.ua, here is a list of 10 recommendations. Enjoy.

Eugene Myroniuk, Managing Partner for Strategy at Brain Tank, a creative marketing communications agency.