Sweet support for the military from the business

It has been a year since the war started in the whole of Ukraine. During this time, many businesses have directed their efforts and resources towards volunteer activities, charity, and overall support for their country. For example, Bandera's honey managed to attract the attention of "neighbors" even before it started, and above all, it is honey that has the spirit of the same Bandera. But it's not just about that.

What is the project's goal?

To support the military and charge them up for the fight against the occupiers through honey that is filled with resistance, inspiration, and freedom.

Who are the creators?

The creative marketing communications agency Brain Tank, together with the event agency Ant Hill and the eco-farm Dogoda, are actively engaged in the project. The idea was presented by the prominent beekeeper of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko. And it was the desire to create not just a honey brand and a regular sweet treat, but something more, that urged them to the mission - to convey to others the spirit of the entire nation, unstoppable power, and eternal resistance - and so the history of the honey collection with outstanding Ukrainians began.

What has been done?

To implement the project, the team went through a difficult path. The desire to reproduce this project in all its militant and patriotic manifestations arose during the visit to the native lands of Stepan Bandera and Taras Shevchenko, and it was there that the honey was collected, which now exists in jars and already helps soldiers on the front line.

The work was diverse. From setting up the honey collection scheme in the homeland of world-famous Ukrainians to packaging, marketing, and creative solutions. Special thanks to Yuliya Yasmo from Brain Tank and Oleksiy Kulykov from Ant Hill for their contributions at every stage of production and the project as a whole.

And now take a look at the packaging, how do you like the bee with a Javelin? The military has already appreciated it.

Another interesting aspect is that anyone can buy this honey and help, because batches of collectible honey can be purchased with consideration that the amount you buy is also donated to the defenders.

Thus, honey helps the military to recharge with energy and the spirit of outstanding Ukrainians. The whole project team understands that this contribution is a contribution to victory.


The honey project is an example of how business can help the military and convey not only physical properties but also more spiritual ones. And as time shows, social responsibility is an integral part of any business that operates in conditions of war.

You can also join the project and become a patron. If you want to order Bandera or Shevchenko honey, please follow the link.