Development in Volyn through Eugene Myroniuk`s eyes

Today, September 22nd, RED Community was pleased to welcome our Eugene Myroniuk as one of the real estate experts at a closed event in the heart of Kyiv.

We discussed a relevant topic of our time, namely "Development Migration - Potentials and Risks," and Eugene addressed the question of what real estate buyers in Volyn really want.

For those not in the know, our executive partner in strategy is not only a skilled and successful marketer but also an honorary real estate expert who has been collaborating with developers for several years, possessing deep and valuable experience in this field.

Today, in the company of other speakers, Eugene shared his personal research, which was formed not only based on analytics and research but also from his own experience when he was forced to relocate to western Ukraine during a full-scale war.

But that's another story, so let's get back to the topic. So, what were the main insights from our speaker's presentation?

— If you want to invest in assets during a war, particularly in real estate, then choose the most favorable and advantageous location - the territory of Volyn;

— Why? From a rational standpoint, this region has relatively well-developed infrastructure compared to others, and from an emotional perspective, the locals are more welcoming to "newcomers."

These are the conclusions. Thanks to RED Community and Tetiana Shulga-Zabelska for the invitation. If there's an opportunity, please invite us again, and we'll gladly delve into future research and analyses, the results of which we will undoubtedly share with our esteemed colleagues.