Developers` identity during the war. What for?

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During the full-scale war in Ukraine, many developers have chosen to refrain from active investments in marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether this is good or bad is up to each individual. However, this is a pressing issue that has its pros and cons. And so, in the Ukrainian development market, there are now companies that are thinking in the long term.

The market is on hold. This topic that is not only discussed in the corridors of the Ukrainian development industry but also quite openly in the public domain. "War, lack of economic motivation, everything is lost" - this is roughly what most developers think today. And they choose not to invest in marketing for now, believing that they need to focus on their core activities and preserve financial resources for possible emergency situations.

Tetiana Shulga, RED Community:

"Today, many Ukrainian developers are working in conditions of short-term planning because the circumstances in the country force them to take only the most necessary measures for survival. Planning something for the long term, for six months or a quarter, is very difficult because you simply cannot predict what will happen next.

Despite this, some developers still have a plan for a year or more because everyone understands that the war will end and there will be work after that, so they actively support their own communication. And some, although at a slow pace, continue to build. Long-term planners can also include developers who have started to develop projects in Europe, as there is work going on there today.

Overall, it's cool that many in Ukraine simply don't stop. Yes, they have reduced the pace, but they continue to hold their ground, maintain contact with investors, buyers, build slowly, plan - that's exactly what will lead to success after the victory.

Let's now look into the future.

Indeed, the war will end, and business will become free in its actions. And the question arises: who will be better prepared for life and work right away?

Those who have put their strategy, marketing, and communication on pause and have to rebuild everything to remind people about themselves? Or those who are already trying to think in the long term and approach strategic planning to be prepared for the future fully armed?

Andriy Franchuk, Managing Partner of the Brain Tank agency:

"Marketing can provide significant advantages in the future, especially during a crisis. An example of a successful strategy is Gefest, an Odessa-based developer who decided to update their own identity during the war. Strangely enough, but the move is correct.

It should be noted that it is not only about the new look of the brand but also about deep rethinking and new positioning. For this, we researched Gefest as a hero and found that he is strong, confident, thoughtful, organized, efficient, restrained, and insightful. He pays attention to details and leaves a sense of order, that is, he is a "Dreamer".

To work out the emotional connection, which is an important element in relationships with consumers, we visited Greece - the heritage of Gefest, and found the emotion there. Then we combined fundamental innovations with minimalism, paying special attention to the Greek-Ukrainian style of the brand.

Thus, the updated identity was supposed to solve several tasks: to be relevant at this time and to maintain the relevance of trends for the next 5 years; to unite the traditions of Greece and Ukraine; to be easily reproducible on various advertising objects."

Every brand should keep track of its relevance and compliance with the times. Gefest has grown, become more modern, technological, and it was time to reflect this in its visual identity. Therefore, the time of war became a time of great rebranding.

Yes, with the new identity, Gefest decided to take on additional tasks:

  1. Becoming more modern, the developer shows a desire not to stand still but to move forward, even in the visual manifestations of the brand;
  2. Demonstrating faith in victory;
  3. Showing far-sighted thinking and readiness to plan ahead;
  4. The target audience sees that Gefest is important to be here and now. It doesn't stop, it explores and improves, it continues to work, and therefore, it is a company worth trusting;
  5. Advantage: In the future, the developer will come in immediately updated and understandable for the business, which will wake up after the war.

In conclusion

Despite appearing illogical to some, updating the identity of a developer during a time of war is a wise decision for those who think strategically and plan for the future. One can choose to stand still and freeze with the market or take the opportunity to renovate, plan, fix the cracks, and be prepared to return to work with renewed energy when the time comes.