Creatives against the aggressor: the results of the National Creative Contests

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The third and final stage of the National Creative Contests is the creative competition 'The World Against the Aggressor.' Ukrainian creatives had the opportunity to 'speak' with the whole world on the topic of the war in Ukraine, and we know that developing social communications on this topic is still a challenging task.

Our creative director, Andrii Franchuk, is part of the jury. It's interesting, difficult, and responsible.

"In general, creating creativity while being in your own context is not easy because you have to divide yourself in half. On the one hand, this is all happening with you personally right now. On the other hand, you have to be a professional to tell a story to people who don't have sirens, explosions, or war. They have parks, ice cream, and birds that they feed under the gentle sun. Therefore, to create a working concept, you need to step out of reality and imagine what a person outside of our days would hear." - Andrii Franchuk.

We thank the VRK for the opportunity to be a part of such an event. We thank every creative for their views and embodiment. It was not just a competition but a test for both the authors of the works and those who evaluated them.

Thank you, we are proud and believe that these creatives will be seen by the world and show the true face of war to humanity, and Ukraine will definitely win!

Winners of the competition can be found at the link.