Bold Sampling for a Bold Brand

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Our agency, together with Ant Hill, an event agency within our group of companies, entertained visitors at the Kyiv shopping mall as part of a promo campaign using sampling for the Cheetos brand.

"As creatives, we love coming up with wild and cool ideas, and the Cheetos brand precisely allows for the generation of bold ideas, which we took advantage of by inventing a creative mechanic to make the promo event vibrant, funny, and wild. That is, to solve the task set by the Cheetos brand team. The main character in all this beautiful mischief became, of course, Chester, the furry cheetah, the mischievous symbol of the brand known worldwide," Yevhen Artemiev, Project Manager at Brain Tank.

People eagerly participated in Chester's provocative pranks, took photos with him, shared what was happening on their social media, got charged with a good mood, and received cool gifts.

It's cool when there are brands that allow you to go beyond the ordinary and enter the territory of the big child in every adult.

You can just have fun with the creative mechanics for a promo campaign. Or you can do it, considering the cheeky and bold character of the brand.