The ‘Key’ to the customer’s ear is our key

To become understandable to any category of consumers, you need to become that very customer for a while, feeling the wave of mental perception for a subsequent cool exchange. Have you found a common language? Consider the task of "conveying the message" to be half completed already - when for someone, a promotional slogan sounds like a random set of words, your specific audience will recognize it as a cool play on words that sticks in their memory and rolls off their tongues.

That's precisely what we did when preparing the autumn advertising campaign for the 'Ocean Plaza' shopping mall, where the phrase 'Demi-season - where's my outfit?' hit the bullseye - right into the main channel of information perception.

And this is how our advertising campaign adorns the city.

We also emphasize the phrase, the main tool of this advertising campaign, in the digital sphere. 

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