“Negative Buoyancy” as a new format of fighting in hybrid warfare

We have created our patriotic show, which is currently being showcased at the VDNG and will go on a European tour. Its goal is to demonstrate the "cost" of Russian propaganda to the entire world. More details are below.

Current realities dictate new rules. They literally force us to act and make decisions much faster, thereby fundamentally changing the concept of leading messages. Currently, a significant portion of the responsibility for the battle in the information field lies on the shoulders of the communication community, which due to its work accelerates the arrival of the impending victory.

How to preserve critical thinking and not lose one's mind completely? The question remains relevant, but we have our own answer to it.

"We have found our way to overcome the existential crisis, which is focused on our main goal: to be socially useful in these challenging times, investing all our efforts in future victory. Because we have always been progressive and incredibly bold in our expression, keeping pace with the times and their adjacent trends, from which we took everything. Therefore, we thought that wasting time in vain was simply impossible. And we have created a relevant patriotic project aimed at people who have not yet fully realized that tanks come with propaganda," - Andrii Franchuk, Creative Director of Brain Tank and film Director.

This work is Franchuk's directorial debut. The creative team and well-known comedians, Yevhen Zhuravlyov and Vasyl Baidak, also worked on the project. The main soundtrack for the film was created by Kateryna Pavlenko from the band "Go_A" and Artem Yefimov.

The idea of the project, as defined by the creators themselves, is to demonstrate the strength, courage, and unbreakable spirit of every Ukrainian, which is inherent from birth. Thus, instilling faith in a promising future, for which we all must undoubtedly fight.

Therefore, the creators delved deep into the plot using various techniques, such as satire and sarcasm, which evoke a wide range of emotions. In addition to its emotional impact, the project impresses with its historical content, revealing the true reasons and facts behind the sinking of the cruiser "moskva," based on declassified materials.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the project "Negative Buoyancy" attracts attention with its unique perspective on the new format of contemporary Ukrainian art.

The national product from Brain Tank, affectionately referred to by the team as "Moskvotoplenia" (meaning "moscow sinking"), is unique in its structure, as it combines various forms of art. Among them are a museum exhibition and a humorous presentation style, concentrated in a short film of a 3D show format, which is projected on a 25-meter screen and serves as the exhibition's centerpiece.

As a result, everyone will definitely find what they are looking for.