If a business wants to be bought, it must look good

"Recently, I was shopping for a bespoke suit for a speaking engagement at a niche event, googling 'classic bespoke suit Kyiv.'

And at some point, I paused. Business attire. How intriguing and... ambiguous?

What if we looked at this phrase not just as clothing worn by a businessman, but as clothing worn by the business itself? After all, just as well-chosen attire 'sells' an individual beyond intellect, talent, and eloquence, so does the right 'attire' sell a business — to investors, clients, or society.

Want to be bought? You have to look good! And remember, every detail matters. Just as in a businessman's attire, so in a business's packaging.

So let's talk about business packaging as... attire :)"

Feel free to follow the link to read the original article by our managing partner and strategy director, Eugene Myroniuk, exclusively for MMR.ua.