What about discounts, Kitty?

Yes, do you also feel this atmosphere? How all the shops and city billboards in the last week of November loudly scream about their biggest discounts without the slightest bit of shame, and sometimes even with noticeable provocative notes?

However, is the effective and unique uniformity of many advertising twins pushing for SALES? The question is rhetorical. Because during the "shopping frenzy" period, it's challenging to surprise people.

"But what if we take the same audacity as the main message of the advertising campaign but in a slightly different context?" — we thought, listening to Doja Cat, and created HER — the embodiment of "Friday" for this year's Black Friday campaign dedicated to "Ocean Plaza."

She is a miniature black dog that, in our imagination, most accurately conveys the spirit and character of Black Friday — a fashionable and vibrant queen who paints the city black, if you know what we mean. After all, "Friday" is feminine, and if it had a character and an image, it would definitely look like this — a little minx and a self-confident rebel who is not afraid of judgment and knows exactly what she wants.

And what does she want exactly? To tell everyone that Black Friday at "Ocean Plaza" is just around the corner, so she's already flaunting all over Kyiv and online.

The choice of the Doja Cat image for our brand character is not accidental. Like the singer, our dog is an embodiment of extravagance, which we aimed to reflect in this advertising campaign.

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