Underwater identity for the Black Sea Museum

Everything that the dark cold sea holds is difficult to see until you descend to the very bottom. In the case of the Black Sea, it is currently impossible. But there is an option - to see all these treasures in a museum. We have created an identity for the Central Naval Museum of Ukraine, which for 20 years has been retrieving and preserving the treasures of the Black Sea.

For our creative team, the Black Sea itself became a source of inspiration in creating an extraordinary museum identity.

Andrii Franchuk, Creative Director:

"Today, the development of museum culture in Ukraine and the world has reached a new level. Museums are no longer about boring pastimes or being forced to visit. People willingly visit museums for self-development, emotional intelligence enhancement; raves, weddings, and more are organized in museums. There are all kinds of museums. Most likely, somewhere there is a museum that 'does not exist' or a museum with exhibits that 'do not exist.' By the way, one of such exhibits will appear in the capital.

Our museum is unique because most of its exhibits lie at the bottom of the Black Sea, unseen. Our task was to cleverly incorporate this into the identity, making it understandable and beautiful. And on a global level."

Oleksandra Trachuk, Project Art Director:

"During the creative process, we found an allegory that the water surface is an informational barrier between the maritime artifact and the museum visitor who potentially can see this artifact. We adopted the technical technique of blur, which can parallel this allegory, and made it the main feature of the identity.

After all, what does a museum do? It overcomes the obstacle between the object and the person. What do we do? We show how these objects look underwater, to make people want to come to the museum and see how they look live."

Yulia Yasmo, Project Manager:

"For the logo, we found a simple solution. The god of the water element has a well-known symbol - the trident of Poseidon. Firstly, visually it connects with the national symbol - the Trident of Ukraine. Secondly, since this is a museum about the sea, we thought, how can we do without an anchor in the sea? And we combined these three symbols, resulting in a clear logo for the Ukrainian Museum about the sea. And look how it all came together."

For information:

The Central Naval Museum of Ukraine is officially located in Crimea, but due to the annexation of the peninsula, the administration and scientific staff of the museum currently operate in Kyiv on the territory of the National Military Historical Museum.

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Team members

  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank
  • Oleksandra TrachukProject Art-Director
  • Taras BaiHead of Design StudioBrain Tank
  • Vlad BjeskyDesignerBrain Tank
  • Vlad ZakharovMotion designerBrain Tank
  • Yulia YasmoProject ManagerBrain Tank

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