The logo of a three-liter jar, or how Nashebachennya “spun” almost a five million donation jar!

This April, Zhovtnevyi Palats hosted one of the largest charity events, Nashevision, which brought together many Ukrainian artists for one common goal: raising funds for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Nashebachennya is a word game from Eurovision and Ukrainian word Nashe meaning "our", a song contest aimed to gather donation for the need of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Nashebachennya was broadcast live on YouTube, where it gathered many times more viewers than in the crowded Zhovtnevyi.  

It was initiated by the Badstreet Boys, a Ukrainian group, who always create unrealistic hype and popularity around their ironic videos aimed at collecting donations. 

Let's talk about the visual idea that accompanied Nashebachennya. According to the team, the on-air screen saver consists of many contextual and semantic elements. Thus, the logo of the event was a jar, which embodies the image of collecting donations.

Its lid is a portal to open an unprecedented number of participants and special guests of the competition, and the rolling machine is a fun reference to our childhood when such a machine was associated with "grandma's rolling machine."

"A collection is a jar, and a jar is donations." We used to "roll up" jars of pickles, but now we are "rolling up" multimillion-dollar jars that save lives" says Andrii Franchuk, creative director of the Brain Tank agency, which developed all the event's video graphics.

The wow effect of the event's grandeur was witnessed by all Kyiv residents at the Gulliver shopping center with the largest screen facade in the city.

The basis of the concert was a live broadcast, for which a large package of on-air graphics was created, including: opener frames and transitions in the style of a TV show.

The goal of the event fully met the intentions and expectations of the initiators, as in just a few hours, the collection jar exceeded the goal, raising almost UAH 5 million!

Team members

  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank
  • Valeriya KychkoProject Manager JuniorBrain Tank
  • Denys KravchenkoMotion DesignerBrain Tank
  • Anton PoberezhnyiHead of Brain Post Brain Tank

Team members

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