Concrete for every taste

Launch of a new player in the market of sellers of concrete and concrete products.

The concrete market in Ukraine is quite intense. But not many concrete sellers or concrete producers are ready to brag about client-oriented in its practice.

During the future company will have to get to the consumer all its benefits in the competitive market. There are quite a lot, by the way.

During communication creating, the team of agency wagered on blitzkrieg tactics of representing at the market. The tagline was created in such a way, that at the next transforming to get to the consumer benefits and uniquenesses of the Carrot brand.

That’s why the first flight, which has seen the world in March, was oriented on effect from bright «tasty» image and pithy — «Concrete for every taste». «Every taste» was professionally illustrated by agency artists, which have shown juicy fruits in the concrete peel, that symbolize ideal concrete cover.

During visual number creating agency team allowed to itself unexpected move: in concrete communication was used the stylistics, which attributable to #youknowwhich fast food, when the presented object is attracting sight and provocating salivation. This correlation is accented by the laconic tagline: «I’ll swamp it».

Team members

  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank
  • Eugene MyroniukFounding Partner, Strategic DirectorBrain Tank
  • Inna GrinchukClient Service Director Brain Tank
  • Oleksandr SmoliyKey Account Manager Brain Tank
  • Olexandr TrytynychenkoArt DirectorRoyal Advertising
  • Stanislav NizamovArt Director Brain Tank
  • Katerina KotikhinaDesignerRoyal Advertising

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