Heavy Re:Branding

SAT transporting company, that has been refining skills of cargo delivery for professional clients on decades, has decided to extrapolate its uniquenesses for a massive customer. It has invited us to partner with our agency for that, as an expert in the methodological setup of national brands.

The company, which has more than one hundred divisions in different cities of Ukraine, that is oriented to the solution of non-standard tasks in cargo delivery area, that has explicit benefits in B2B segment, should be accentuated on uniquenesses it has.

First of all, our team has gone out «into the field», and has gathered the most characteristic behavioral features of available services consumption. Handling of received results, including analysis of market dynamics on a particular interval, has resulted developers in formalization of effective positioning of the company brand. Conception was «cemented» by the fact, that SAT is a market leader in segment of tasks, which require non-standard approach. SAT exactly has great experience and established business processes. SAT’s engineers, which often has a unique qualification, can solve any insoluble task with the confidence and coolness of a sea wolf from Jack London’s literature. By perception of role of company at the market and its straight profiling, by identification of obvious benefits, by creating appropriate emotional feed, the team of our agency has fulfilled SAT by that content, due to that company has earned a harmonic place in industry. Our agency has went from all flat-courses and verbalized brand in Minkovski’s area, which regulates company’s «overpostal opportunities» to represent exactly in dynamics, which hardly fastens it to “here and now» time.

Team members

  • Alexander NikityukArtistRoyal Advertising
  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank
  • Eugene MyroniukFounding Partner, Strategic DirectorBrain Tank
  • Inna GrinchukClient Service Director Brain Tank
  • Inokentii VyrovyiAccount managerRoyal Advertising
  • Olexandr TrytynychenkoArt DirectorRoyal Advertising
  • Stanislav NizamovArt Director Brain Tank
  • Svitlana MilgevskaFounderSAT
  • Viktor TereshchenkoArt DirectorRoyal Advertising

Team members

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