Broadcast for CrUAtivity

This project is assembled into one product, a concise presentation of all Ukrainian creativity for the world's advertising associations and potential clients. The author of the project is the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition. Project implementation is Brain Tank creative marketing communications agency.


The name was born from the main symbol that is called "Creativity" and a sincere localization UA. It turned out such a neologism "CrUAtivity", which will present the world's work of Ukrainian agencies and teams. It`s the word that we want to fix in the minds of the global advertising community, in fact, a combination of two words that are very strongly interconnected.

Creating a template

Our team is passionate about creating on-air graphics for TV channels. And this experience was very useful in working on the platform with a huge amount of input data that needs to be not only beautiful but also conveniently and informatively laid out for the viewer to comfortably enjoy the content.


The digest intro contains a feature that will be visible shortly. The letters "CrUAtivity", as well as the market creativity in general, will constantly change in style and execution.

Team members

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