Branding helps to save lives

One of the most important aspects in war is medical assistance. Everything must work towards saving lives, from clothing to vehicles. The effectiveness of this process actually depends on branding as well.

Our agency continues to work with the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH) as a creative partner, including branding their vehicles.

To understand the pain of every medical worker in war and the purpose of branding medical vehicles, one must know the theory of coexistence between military personnel and those who save lives in conflict zones.

According to the general provisions of the Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949, "medical personnel shall be respected and protected in all circumstances and shall not be the object of attack." However, sometimes reality works differently, and to avoid hostile "encounters", recognition signs are necessary.

An ambulance must be easily identified at first sight. To achieve this, there are active visual (flashing lights), auditory, and passive warnings (high-contrast patterns, reflective elements, chevrons, or stripes along the sides). So, to simply reach point A and return safely to point B, visual identification must work at 101%.

Fully understanding the importance of this task, our designers began branding the large fleet of PFVMH vehicles, and now they look like this:

Passive visual warnings are maximized with contrasting stripes on the entire vehicle, the PFVMH logo, and the well-known "Star of Life" symbol, all to ensure that an enemy bullet can see this vehicle among the fields, forests, and anywhere else, and avoid it.

PFVMH is a group of volunteer medics who save human lives, risking their own. It is equally important to protect their own lives. Thus, proper branding of a medical vehicle can also help in this endeavor.

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