We found ourselves at a time when media facades in Ukraine were something like "oh wow, amazing." Nowadays, giant posters all over half of Kyiv don't surprise anyone anymore. But there was a moment, just for a little while - 10 years ago, when a client came to us and said, "Guys, I have a shopping center opening and a wall of 11 by 70 meters..." (Instastory wasn't a thing back then, so we understood it was the size of a horizontal banner).

Of course, we replied that each of us had three of such banners in our closets and went on to design them. When we presented the first visualizations and calculations, the client was pleased with everything except the budget for this canvas, so he asked, "What will this banner do at night, because it gets dark very early in Sumy?" We knew that Sumy was located north of Kyiv, so we replied, "Northern Lights." At first, the client was delighted, but then he remarked, "What, the Northern Lights?"

When the euphoria of what was said passed, we proposed to TRC Manufaktura our first 3D mapping project of such complexity for us, because it required combining statics and dynamics on one canvas: during the day, it was just an ordinary banner, but at night, our canvas came to life and all the objects on it began dynamic life, and in the morning, they froze again, repeating this every day.

And as a pleasant bonus, there were three active zones for video advertising, which also came to life with the entire 3D show, so the client could save, which means - earn.

 At the opening and subsequent events against the backdrop of this 3D wall of TRC Manufaktura, over three thousand buyers gathered. This is what we call - secondary conversion among ourselves.

So, this is how our media facades began. And this project completely fell in love with us with 3D mapping. Over the past decade, we have already accumulated a bunch of 3D projects. By the way, we leave links to them below.

Team members

  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank
  • Alexander NikityukArtistRoyal Advertising
  • Anton BabiyPresentation DesignerBrain Tank
  • Eugene MyroniukFounding Partner, Strategic DirectorBrain Tank
  • Oleksiy KulikovExecutive PartnerAntHill

Team members

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