About Chicago, but not about the Mafia

Julia Skuibida Agency is an insurance agency opened by Ukrainian Julia Skuibida under the franchise of American Family Insurance in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The agency approached us to develop a promotional video for the company's anniversary, and we were excited to create a great product.

The task was as follows: to embed the key message for the audience in the advertising video - "Julia Skuibida Agency is a reliable company with a good reputation" - and visualize inside the video the information about the rational and emotional advantages of the company provided by the client.

"Actually, that was the extent of the brief. They trusted us completely, which is very inspiring and allows for creative freedom. We were free to do and propose anything we wanted," says Andrii Franchuk, our Creative Director.

This creative freedom manifested in the advertising video for Julia Skuibida Agency, where the agency's story was told using a red stripe that moves through a modeled city, revealing different boundaries of the insurance company to the viewers of the video. The red line is also present in the brand's logo, from where it begins its clever journey.

See how it looks:

This storytelling approach with modeling is a great idea when there is a need for something visually appealing but quickly produced. And tackling this task, creating a presentation video for an American insurance agency became an excellent opportunity for us to enter another new market.

More to come.

Team members

Team members

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