A tasty retail

Series of advertising campaigns for Novus network. We especially remembered «fork-board», that we could realize, and create a really interesting outdoor solution in this way.

Wow-effect creating in retail advertising. By the time of the advertising campaign launching the activity of retailers had achieved its maximum. More than 50% of surfaces were separated by the main markets of the market. Accordingly, it was very hard to break through informational noise.

In the midst of barbeque season the board, an image of what went beyond standard construction, has appeared on the streets of Kyiv. «RTM-Ukraine» has effectively got over constructs development and placement on the constructions.

One solution, which is more interesting, was created by the company a pair for every presented products. In search of visual interpretation of the situation agency delicately played up the canonical script, in which animals, who were gathered by the recommendation of a competent person, went out to the ark to benefit from new humanity.

That is why Novus Так і Novus, saying from the advertising board — «Pair for every product» — knows exactly, that it will be much more advantage from pair of products. Twice, at least!

Team members

Team members

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