A case under the Schnapps

We have developed the packaging design for a new product - apple Schnapps from Mikhaylov Family Distillery. And it was so elaborately designed that we presented the case in Elvish language.

The main character is an Ent. Here's how our creative director Andrii Franchuk explains his appearance on the packaging:

"It happened like this: Árë ná tengwalassë tenwa lelya, cemendë sinomë cendë ar naityassë i yando, ar i haryanwë, yassen cenyarë hrívessë brendë i úpakë, ar quentë sina khostannarë rassë ilqua i lá ondolë i-Elfirin. Ya na lúmes lúmessen, lantëa lára i lúme, sílenya!

And here's what we propose:

 1. Check out the design and descriptions of the slides in the Elvish language

 2. Sign up to our Instagram @usebraintank and send your adaptation of the creative translation of Elvish texts via direct message by May 31st

 3. The author of the best translation will receive a bottle of schnapps for personal inspiration!"

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