Fly, Mriya!

We have developed beer label designs for brewers who will be able to use them for free to support Ukraine through the creation of unique beer collections. But…

…the story continued. We were contacted by Mriya Club, whose team was looking for additional ways to attract donations to the project.

We love to make creative packaging, especially when the goal is something more important than business. And when the first question at the briefing is "Let's create a beer with the "Dream"?" — it's love, it's an inspiration to raise our little bird to the sky again" — Inna Grynchuk, Customer Service Director of the group.

The main chosen concept is "Everyone's special help is like a puzzle missing piece that will help bring a great project to life"

Other concepts:

The creative front is working. Ukrainian unity is strength. Helping each other is important and necessary. It is great to work for a common victory.

Team members

Team members

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