Creating a Michelin Competitor

Creating of tires brand targeting. Based on complex research and as a result of 2 years of development, we have created tires brand, unique for its structure, which have subtracted 6% of market share in B segment. During brand creating agency team have spent more than 150 hours at the brand production halls and laboratories. It have afforded to transform cumbersome technique innovations to effective customer qualities.

Team members

  • Eugene MyroniukFounding Partner, Strategic DirectorBrain Tank
  • Andrii FranchukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank
  • Viktor TereshchenkoArt DirectorRoyal Advertising
  • Olga ShurpachMarketing DirectorRosava

How Brain Tank works?

Full-service operation marketing outsourcing

Brain Tank is well up the daily maintenance of medium and long marketing cycles for successful companies

Brand Development & Strategic Marketing

Complex approach to communications at the brand level

Creative Execution & Production

Realization of separate advertising campaigns