“Negative Buoyancy.” Reload. Relocate.

We are back! The "Negative Buoyancy" project is starting a new beginning, moving to a new level with a note 2.0, as a reimagined social project aimed at providing moral support to the military.

Our time

To say honestly, we missed everything related to "NB." When the project came to an end, our team received a bunch of positive and grateful feedback from visitors who needed it. People who would like to experience the pain of war through laughter turned out to be not so few.

These observations and the powerful social charge made us reflect on the future of the original product. However, when we weighed and realized the benefit we could continue to bring, the fate of the project was immediately determined — "Negative Buoyancy" was destined for a more socially-oriented reboot.

Brief chronological excursion in detail

Let's refresh our memory a bit: the basis for our project was formed on real events — the flooding of the cruiser "moskva."

For almost the entire summer, we "settled" in the 10th pavilion of the VDNH territory to achieve our main goal — to open the eyes of everyone who still had doubts about the truth, not only in the context of this event but also in a series of russian propaganda episodes that had turned into a system.

And then everything is like in a haze... The project circled all the major media outlets in Ukraine and, more than that, "flew" like a bird far beyond its borders, causing a stir in many European countries.

Many diverse figures of independent Ukraine came to see by their own eyes the "frozen" history that will rightfully become one of the key events in the future chronicle of Ukraine. This is a topic for a separate release, but right now, we can highlight several honorable guests, including the author of that legendary phrase that became a manifesto at what seemed like a hopeless moment, the third President of Ukraine — Victor Yushchenko, the head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration — Vitaliy Kim, Georgian political figure — Nik Gvaramia, the head of the Sluha Narodu ("Servant of the People") faction — David Arakhamia, Ukrainian blogger and interviewer — Ramina Eshakzai, and others.

What is our goal?

But later, the goal of our project acquired a different meaning — to become recognizable not only among civilians but also among military personnel, who today need social support more than anyone else. Therefore, with this project, we want to be useful to them, expressing our support and gratitude to all the military for each of their heroic deeds.

In these challenging times, we realize the importance of unlimited support for those who defend our freedom and the sovereignty of the entire country. Therefore, becoming visible and emotionally beneficial in the field of view of those who literally contribute to the acceleration of a difficult but real victory is priceless for us. This is the goal of our revival.


So, you may ask why we are telling you about this without specifying the exact location? We will answer — to announce the reboot of our project in a more social context, the viewing of which is aimed at a specific category of citizens who need it today.

Therefore, with the goal of ensuring safety, we cannot publicly announce the relocation of the project.

The film screening is exclusively for all veterans, participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war, volunteers, and internally displaced persons, individuals affected by hostilities. The broadcast is free and starts from December 1, 2023.