Speak correctly: brands that sound completely different

We are surrounded by brands from all sides. Their names from all languages of the world penetrate into ours. But prononciation is not always correct. Doesn't it seem to you that in the era of the Internet and mass online learning it's time to adjust your habits and correct inaccuracies?

Let's figure out how to correctly talk about the things we buy and use every day.

1. Nike

A brand known worldwide is pronounced differently in different parts of the world. In connection with this, two students decided once and for all to put a dot over the "i" in this confusion. They wrote a letter to Nike's chairman, Philip Knight, asking him to determine the correct pronunciation of the company's name. They received a clear and unequivocal answer — "Nikey". The thing is that the name of the company was inspired by the name of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.

2. Porsche

Once in a cafe in Munich, we turned a square table so that it would be more convenient for us to sit and watch the people passing by on the street. But the waiter politely but insistently put everything back in its place. Well, the passion for rules is in their blood. Probably that's why the Porsche company published the only correct pronunciation on its page to avoid mistakes and pronunciation not according to the rules.

3. Samsung

We had to watch many videos where true Koreans, speaking English perfectly, tearfully try to prove to us that a word made up of English letters sounds completely different in Korean than we are used to. But it's simpler "Samson".

4. Daewoo

Another example of completely illogical pronunciation of a company. It turned out that the letter "D" at the beginning of the word is pronounced closer to the letter "T", and the word itself is pronounced as "Teu", but Koreans themselves say that it will not be a mistake to read "Deu".

5. Versace

Italians know a lot about fashion, taste, and style. Founded by designer Gianni Versace in 1978, the fashion house has been delighting fashionistas around the world under the guidance of his sister, Donatella Versace. Gianni's death was unusual and became the subject of a film. There are several videos where famous models and Donatella herself clearly, understandably, and, most importantly, beautifully pronounce the correct pronunciation: "Versace".

6. Hermès

Let's take on the French word. As soon as fashionistas do not pronounce this name: simply "Hermes", and in the French manner "Erme". To which the locals respond only one thing: "Erme is a Parisian confectioner" (Pierre Hermé), and the name of the fashion house sounds like "Ermes", and no other way.

7. Levi’s

This company specializes in jeans. Even Brad Pitt was left without pants for a Levi's commercial. Today, almost every fashionista has a T-shirt with the inscription "Levis". But the creator of the first jeans was still called Levi, so it is correct to call them "Levis".

8. Ugg

There is a huge amount of debate about the beauty of this warm footwear, but in pronunciation everyone agrees: "Ugg". But this brand, born in the curly head of an Australian surfer who wanted to warm his feet after cold water, still sounds like "Agg", more familiar to the English language. For example, like in the word ugly (in pronunciation, of course, but not in meaning).