“Natural” restyling of the milk line

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*for readers from Uzbekistan

World corporations set trends in design, but by applying these trends to themselves, brands often lose their true "face" and other components. Our client, the Musaffo brand, understands the importance of preserving its identity. Therefore we have conducted for it a restyling, focusing on the sensations of naturalness and nature, to help the brand stand out and maintain its unique style.


Every producer wants the consumer to choose their milk. But what does the consumer look for? Does the consumer want new milk? More milk? Perhaps he is looking for already-tested milk? It turns out, no, consumer wants natural milk.

The Musaffo brand finds its naturalness in its belonging to the natural origins of Uzbekistan, so before we got started, we went in search of this "naturalness." After studying research data and the mentality of the country, we found the insight that naturalness in Uzbekistan is perceived at the level of sensations.

But what is it? In the spring, when all of nature comes to life when green grass sprouts and cows go out to pasture, the first warm sun hits your eyes and you take a sweet sip of milk with the fresh air, squinting your eyes a little so that only light shines through.

It is this naturalness that people look for on the packaging. But if the producer provides high-quality milk, then marketing should help the consumer make their choice.

Our artists have embodied this sensation. This is how the packaging with a redesigned design of natural symbols appeared: a blue sky with light "milky" clouds, a "living" landscape with a quiet river, and a jug of milk - the use of such images has a positive effect on the consumer's perception.

Looking at the landscape style, one can notice a light watercolor carelessness - a pleasant simplicity that a person understands without words when looking at the packaging. Of course, all of this was created with the use of elements from the main global trends, but what really comes first here is something else, something familiar and lighter.

By fully understanding and exploring what resonates within the consumer, in the overall landscape picture, we were able to recreate what is difficult to express in words.

As a result, thanks to many years of experience and a straightforward character that always allows us to achieve our goals, we created a design that helps the consumer choose Musaffo milk and makes the brand relevant in its market.

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